Colors, Culture, and Community- Celebrating Onam Together

At MedTrix, we believe in celebrating diversity and fostering a sense of togetherness among our team. This Onam, the vibrant festival of the state of Kerala, we came together to embrace in its essence and create unforgettable memories of our own.

Our day was filled with colorful traditions as we adorned our workspace with Pookalam, an activity where groups of people came together to make a meticulously crafted flower carpet. The air resonated with the melodious tunes of Onappattu, a soulful group song that echoed the spirit of the season.

In the true spirit of Onam, we experienced the thrill of friendly competition through Vadamvali, an engaging tug of war that brought out the camaraderie and determination of our team. The air was filled with laughter and cheers as we engaged in this traditional sport.

And what better way to conclude our festive day than with the grand Onam Sadhya! The exquisite banquet lunch showcased a delectable array of traditional dishes, truly a feast for both the senses and the soul which took us on a culinary journey across the provinces of Kerala.

This Onam celebration embodies the core values of MedTrix – unity, joy, and a deep-rooted respect for cultural diversity. This event was a powerful reminder that through our collective collaboration, we have the potential to create wonders.

Here's to a harmonious and prosperous Onam, and to many more celebrations that showcase the aspects and attributes that make us MedTrix.

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