Artificial Intelligence
Digital content is now an inextricable component of communication in the life sciences industry and this provides exciting new opportunities for the application of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, at a fundamental level is the use of algorithms in digital systems to help understand how users are thinking and gauge their perceptions. This helps the system perform intelligent actions. We use AI to understand users better and craft experiences for them that are uniquely relevant, persuasive, and meaningful.
Immersive Technologies
Audio-visual media has literally ‘gained new dimensions’ with the introduction of new immersive technologies like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality. Virtual reality can take the user to fantastical settings, AR can bring anything to the viewer by merging the real with the virtual, and mixed reality uses headtracking, screens and optics to allow interaction with the virtual world. These technologies offer a truly novel edge to customer engagement.
Custom Application
While different types of medical and scientific communication have a common thread, they also cater to distinctly different populations and target unique objectives. Our custom-made applications address such unique needs. A clear understanding of the objective, the challenges faced by customers, desired objectives, and deployment plans has helped us deliver custom-made applications that delight our clients.
Learning Solutions
Learning and training activities are arguably the key components of medical and scientific communication. Our learning solutions amalgamate the best from the fields of instructional design and game-based learning with integrated learning. They also allow for tracking of user behavior and implementation of observational learning methods.
Multi-Channel Marketing
One campaign does it all – this sums up our approach to multi-channel marketing (MCM). We leverage technology that helps follow the customer through all phases of the marketing spectrum and individualize the optimal channel mix. Our MCM programs facilitate a single customer view while bringing together several channels of opportunity to connect with the customer, establish a relationship, and convey messages consistently over a prolonged duration.
Brand Science
Medical concepts that explain diseases and ways to treat them are complicated. These concepts are presented in detail in scientific papers; conveying the same concepts in a simplified and succinct way requires a great degree of expertise. We have used our expertise in understanding and simplifying complex concepts and coupled that with innovations in design, sound, and animation to bring many complicated ideas to life. In the process, we also made them elegant, simple, and easy to understand while also ensuring that they are true to science.