medtrix Medtrix
Nov 07
MedTrix Healthcare: Official sponsor at the Pharma Awards USA 2022, Philadelphia


medtrix Medtrix
Oct 19
BIG SPLASH at 2022 Reuters Event with 3 Finalists – Most Valuable HCP Initiatives


medtrix Medtrix
Sep 23
App/ Digital Solution Win for MedTrix at the PM360 2022 Trailblazer Awards in NYC, US


medtrix Medtrix
Aug 25
MedTrix leading products Case Player and iRead are 2022 Trailblazer Finalists


medtrix Medtrix
Aug 29
MedTrix impacting the community at several levels


medtrix Medtrix
July 14
Double Finalists at the 2022 Fierce Pharma Marketing Awards


medtrix Medtrix
Apr 29
MedTrix conducts first quarterly Town Hall for 2022-23

Planning, Performance
Awards, Promotions
and Team Activity

medtrix Medtrix
Feb 11
MedTrix delivered over 15 award-winning solutions in 2021!

Healthcare agency for
Global Pharma Majors

medtrix Medtrix
Jan 04
MedTrix launches its Brand New Website

New Year, New Beginnings:
MedTrix launches its New Corporate Website

medtrix Medtrix
Oct 04
Dr. Aravind Nayak joins MedTrix Healthcare

Dr. Aravind Nayak joins MedTrix Healthcare as the Chief Commercial Officer...

medtrix Medtrix
Jun 15
Med-EdTech combines medical education with technology

MedTrix takes an unconventional approach to championing innovation in healthcare. Since 2012, MedTrix...

medtrix Medtrix
Mar 23
Best Healthcare Brand 2021

We are delighted/thrilled to announce that MedTrix Healthcare has been recognised as one of the Best Healthcare Brands...

medtrix Medtrix
Jan 20
MedTrix and Novartis Win 2020 Pharma Choice App Silver

MedTrix and Novartis bagged the silver 2020 Pharma Choice Award for their interactive web-based augmented...

About medtrix
Nov 20
Rx Club Awards

We are extremely delighted to announce that we have been feted with Awards of Excellence in the Best Healthcare Professional Website...

About medtrix
Sep 8
Join Us for the PharmaVoice Celebration

In an interview celebrating his recognition as an influential entrepreneur, Vimal Narayanan...

About medtrix
Aug 27
VEGA Digital Awards

We are pleased to announce that MedTrix is recognized by VEGA Digital awards in 2 different categories. This is a unique achievement

About medtrix
Aug 8
PharmaVoice 100

Founder and CEO of MedTrix Healthcare, Vimal Narayanan in PharmaVoice 100. PharmaVOICE announced 100 of the most...

About medtrix
Juy 30
MedTrix as a finalist in MM&M Awards

We are delighted to announce that we have been chosen as finalists in the Small Healthcare Agency category in the prestigious MM&M awards...

About medtrix
Feb 26
European HealthTech CEO Forum

A great day at the European HealthTech CEO Forum, on 18th Feb. After participating in inspiring conversation and discussing innovations, including...

About medtrix
Dec 9
MedTrix at Veeva Summit

We are pleased to announce our participation as a Silver Sponsor in the Veeva Commercial & Medical Summit...

About medtrix
Oct 25
MedTrix at bioConclave 2019

Vimal Narayanan, Founder & CEO of MedTrix Healthcare, recently participated as a panellist alongside Rashie Jain...

About medtrix
Sep 29
MedTrix @IntelliHealth AI 2019

MedTrix had a chance to participate and speak at the Intellihealth AI 2019 at Basel in September..

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