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Producing well-researched, accurately reported, and clearly articulated content has been our strength and continues to be at the core of all the services we offer. Our medical writing team consists of health sciences and medical professionals who pay keen attention to details and explore avenues of creative presentation. We believe that engagement with scientific information must be data-intensive, evidence-based, and accurate. Additionally, we believe that it should be engaging, when possible, even entertaining and technology enabled.

Our strategy integrates secure digital platforms, virtual meetings, and multilingual support to foster seamless collaboration. Leverage AI for personalized engagement, data integrity, and robust analytics for informed decision-making. With mobile applications, e-learning platforms, and chatbots, enhance accessibility and provide immediate support. Our USP lies in a comprehensive technological infrastructure ensuring data security, personalized communication, and impactful engagement, setting your medical communication services apart in the global arena.

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Strategic Writing

We understand the science that goes into identifying strategic imperatives and use that to inform what we write. Our process empowers us to be able to propose solutions that address the unique needs of our clients. We use knowledge-driven systematic approaches to develop content that addresses concepts of medical/scientific strategy, such as methodologies to map key opinion leaders (KoLs), develop message maps for medical communication, or define content calendars.

Notable details: Defined the methodology (hybrid - programmatic and manual) -to identify KoLs and identified double the number of KoLs the project required. Developed strategically aligned message maps and execution plans for medical communications for several brands for consecutive years. Developed practical tools based on guidelines-based tools for engagement with scientific publications.

Scientific Event

Our medical writers and project management teams support the conduction of advisory board meetings, consensus gathering meetings, seminars, congresses, webinars, and online panel discussions. We provide support services such as developing slides, pre- and post-meeting reading material, and meeting reports. We also specialize in conceptualizing and delivering technology-enabled smart solutions for scientific events that are built specifically to communicate effectively with all the stakeholders before, during, and after the event.

Notable details: Supported over 200 live and virtual scientific events; developed award-winning digital HCP engagement experiences that used fit -for-the-purpose technology.

Medical Information Management

We bring a deep understanding of medical information and a finely tuned ability to source data and develop complete and accurate responses to queries. We also bring tried- and- tested systems and processes that enable development and delivery of responses to over 500 medical queries a year. We also use technology to bring efficiency with the use of rule-based intelligent algorithms that reduce redundancy, and drive adherence to defined processes.

Notable details: Set up the MIM process and ran the service for 4 consecutive years. A total of 1750 queries addressed, with an average turnaround time of 2 days.

Medical communications

Key Opinion Leader (KOL) mapping is an activity to the conduct of many activities conducted by the medical affairs teams and brand teams in Pharma. MedTrix provides KoL mapping services that are unlike other available options in that we incorporate AI and ML-enabled technological elements to ensure efficiency in data gathering and analysis but also add the much-needed element of human intelligence that is provided by our highly qualified and trained team to truly understand the context. Our methodology incorporates HCPs, healthcare administrators, regulators, academicians, and influencers. It is able to stratify KoLs into segments based on predefined criteria and also quantify influence in research, academia, clinical opinion and social media.

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