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  •  29 Aug, 2022

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MedTrix Healthcare takes pride in being the#torchbearer to develop some of the world’s-first solutions for top global #Pharma , helping them lead and meet their goals.

Guiding business conversations to achieve outstanding solutions is a chore that occupies Hari Prabhakaran, VP – Business Development and Client Engagement across the working week at MedTrix. However, last weekend, Hari was at the T A Pai Management Institute , Manipal offering guidance to the leaders of tomorrow and interacting with the guests and faculties.

What followed were interesting conversations around keeping organizations #customercentric, improving #communications, and evaluating the possibilities that #digitaltechnology can be leveraged to provide what matters most today!

Let us also share a glimpse of our Creative Director Suresh Waghmore’s talents outside of MedTrix Healthcare. He was recently invited to share his thoughts on the merits that #Calligraphy bears in Modern Education at the “#NationalEducationPolicy” Workshop, organized by the #KannadaUniversity at,#Hampi .

Suresh showcased some of his exemplary work, discussed the revolution brought about by#script types, and illustrated the best applications for different kinds of scripts. This is what Suresh had to say from his visit:

"It was great interacting with around 120 delegates, including teachers, from esteemed fine arts colleges and an honor to be recognized by the #KannadaUniversity at,#Hampi " Moments from the workshop are shared with this post.

Suresh is also a creator of unique calligraphic tools that is a boon for designers to express their creativity. You can check more of his work on his #instagram profile:



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