Med-EdTech combines medical education with technology

  •  15 Jun, 2021

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MedTrix takes an unconventional approach to championing innovation in healthcare.

Since 2012, MedTrix has been the preferred partner for several big pharma and healthcare agencies around the world. With a global footprint spanning four continents, we are a global healthcare communication agency that has been awarded most for audacious ideas.

At MedTrix, we amalgamate advanced technological tools and groundbreaking scientific research to create the best in Med-EdTech.

  • In our collaboration with Allergan Medical Institute, we:
  • - Created the first-of-its-kind facial anatomy education app in Microsoft HoloLens (coming soon to HoloLens 2), featuring an interactive virtual cadaver and online training on medical aesthetics.
  • - Developed the world’s first photorealistic 3-D facial anatomy education iPad app, which has been launched in 52 countries, including the U.S., China and Japan.
  • Partnering with Novartis, we designed a premier, award-winning web-based augmented reality app designed to support patients with polycythemia vera and myelofibrosis, with an integrated chatbot. The app is launched and is available in three languages: German, French and Italian.
  • Our flagship product, the Patient Case Player, a case-based learning platform with interactive design, conversational UI and machine learning capabilities, has been deployed for HCP education in several instances such as head and neck cancer, CDED — a complex dietary treatment for Crohn’s disease — and in the management of COPD

The Case Player is a pathbreaking development in medical education, with its:

  • – gamified-learning scenarios and interactive visual presentation;
  • – integrated chatbot, AI and ML capabilities;
  • – scalability, reliability and customizability; and
  • – deep-rooted foundation in data analytics and unbiased scientific evidence.

As virtualization of healthcare becomes the norm, the challenge is to create effective user-engagement strategies that democratize the accessibility and availability of digital tools. From improving medical education to enriching patient lives, Med-EdTech, which combines medical education with technology, offers a world of possibilities.

From the March 01, 2021 Issue of MM+M - Medical Marketing and Media

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