New Year, New Beginnings: MedTrix launches its New Corporate Website

  •  04 Oct, 2021

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Wishing you all a Happy New Year 2022!

After an exciting 2021 that was mostly spent working remotely, MedTrix is now geared up to collaborate and build on-point solutions faster than ever before. We have considerably expanded our strengths and teams and continue to do so as the world opens and rebuilds from the pandemic. We have evolved to utilize the best in technology, enabling our pharma and healthcare partners to rebuild the world faster!

MedTrix has made headway in the continuously evolving field of Immersive Technologies, leading the way in Mixed Reality. We have pioneered the application of HoloLens 2 for training and learning purposes, which was implemented successfully by some of our largest multinational pharma partners.

MedTrix developed a proprietary AI-based platform by building algorithms that learn and understand physician behavior as they journey through real-life patient cases. Based on their choices, the platform provides customized learning summaries and shares other experts’ opinions by sifting through its information database. There are several installations of patient cases, and more than a thousand HCPs access the platform regularly for different molecules.

These advancements have positioned MedTrix as the leading agency in Med-EdTech that operates at the cusp of technology and strategy.

To fuel the ever-growing digital needs of our clientele, we have built efficiencies to bring in time and cost benefits with the Digital Production Hub, so that healthcare organizations can accomplish more with less. We have made this possible by working closely with our clients to understand their requirements, available time, and budget and, most importantly, the goal they wish to accomplish.

This has been made possible because of our zeal for more collaboration and innovation in everything we do. Our commitment to one solution, from a diverse and talented team that functions as ONE, has enabled us to establish the Power of One at MedTrix.

Integrating our strengths in Med-EdTech and utilizing the Power of One, we have resolved to dream bigger and rebuild faster in 2022!

Our new website is designed to showcase our capabilities in Med-EdTech under 3 umbrella categories of Digital Production Hub, Artificial Intelligence, and Immersive Technologies in addition to our strengths in Medical Communication.

We welcome you to explore more at our all-new website:



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