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Digital Aggregation Partnership:
A Centralized Digital Stop

MedTrix offers a wide suite of digital solutions through an end-to-end engagement model, using strategic planning and content mapping plans, calendarized digital delivery plan, resource-time and money management, external partner management, storyline development, digital content design, technical development, medical review management as well as analytics with meaningful insights. Our engagement experience has redefined omnichannel engagement for our clients through capabilities and process efficiencies while providing substantial cost benefits.

Some of our core deliverables are:

  • Omnichannel Message Mapping
  • Omnichannel Content Mapping
  • Interactive and Master Detail Aids
  • Emailers
  • Websites for All Purposes
  • Landing Pages or Microsites
  • Banners- Static and Animated
  • Infographics
  • Animated and Static Social Media Posts
  • 3D MoA / MoD Videos
  • Study Summary Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • KOL Videos
  • Patient Support Videos

Multichannel Marketing


Learning Solutions

Custom Application

One campaign does it all – this sums up our approach to multi-channel marketing (MCM). We leverage technology that helps follow the customer through all phases of the marketing spectrum and individualize the optimal channel mix. Our MCM programs facilitate a single customer view while bringing together several channels of opportunity to connect with the customer, establish a relationship, and convey messages consistently over a prolonged duration.

Veeva e-Detailer

MedTrix is a full service Veeva Content Partner and has supported clients across the globe in developing and deploying multiple digital projects on the Veeva Platform. The life sciences industry relies on e-detailing to communicate with customers, most often during short interactions. With efficient use of functional design, outcome-directed interaction, and data-based messages into detailing, the Veeva-based e-Detailers we develop for our clients span a wide range of indications and products

Veeva Calculator

Veeva-based calculator tools are a distinctive service we offer. These tools run complex algorithms that allow comparisons with competitor products used in detailing, building tools based on calculations for dietary planning, cost comparisons of treatment outcomes etc. .

The amalgamation of stunning visuals and complex medical concepts describes our multimedia services category. Our expertise in understanding and simplifying complex concepts, combined with innovations in design, sound, and animation, brings many complicated ideas to life. Our 2D, 3D, MoA (mechanism of action) videos, explainers, and customized video content are elegant, simple, and easy to understand while also remaining true to science.

2D Video

2D medical animation videos are used in multiple settings, such as product information, patient experience, clinical education, whiteboard animation, and brand or event promotion. The team at MedTrix understands the requirements for each 2D video and develops the concept and storyboard for the video, supplemented with illustrations. The illustrations are then animated, accompanied by voiceover and appropriate background music, without compromising their scientific integrity. The final product is delivered for deployment across multiple media, ranging from websites and medical booths to Veeva-based e Detailers.

3D Video

3D medical animation videos are effective in showcasing the mechanism of action of a medication or the features of a product. At MedTrix, we work closely with the client in developing a concept and expanding it to a complete storyboard. The storyboard gets converted to a visual form through original sketches and hand-drawn artwork made by our in-house illustrators. Voiceovers and/or background music as well as the addition of special effects through SFX or VFX during composition help elevate the quality of the video.

Our learning solutions amalgamate the best from the fields of instructional design and game-based learning with integrated learning. They also allow for analysis of user behavior and implementation of observational learning methods using sound instructional design.


With the pharma and life sciences industry transitioning to the digital realm, our expertise in conceptualizing, creating, and implementing e-learning content is the game-changer you need. We have developed over 100 e-learning modules that span a wide range of therapeutic areas and target populations, and which have been used for up skilling by HCPs, training and onboarding employees within large corporates, and patient education. We employ different modalities — such as 3D, AR, and VR — in creating e-learning modules to enable learner engagement.

Decision Support

Our custom-made applications also facilitated easy access, simple tracking, and ready recall of important clinical information that pharma stakeholders and healthcare practitioners can use to support decision making. Our apps helped sales teams clearly articulate cost and efficacy benefits in comparison with competitors and assisted healthcare practitioners in making decisions related to the application of MD codes in aesthetics, assessing treatment response to tyrosine kinase inhibitors in cancer patients, and viewing simplified treatment algorithms for neurodegenerative conditions.

Patient Engagement

Our custom-built applications provide a helpful and engaging experience while enabling the discussion of symptoms, diagnosis, and management of eye disorders. We also took a similar approach of special consideration in the development of a custom-made application for conditions like prostate cancer to address the needs of patients, the majority of whom were majorly elderly individuals.