Jingles and Jolly times – Christmas 2023

It’s that time of year to deck the halls with boughs of holly and we at MedTrix could not have been more welcoming of this season’s cheer! The much-awaited Christmas celebration kicked off with an enchanting moment – the grand unveiling of Santa Claus!

Santa made his long journey all the way from the North Pole to MedTrix GDC and set the tone for the festivities by spreading some holiday glee. The team then partook in a traditional Carolling – singing some crowd-favourite Christmas carols which brightened up everyone’s spirit.

Then came the highly anticipated Secret Santa reveal. Over the past week, people have been giving gifts and hints as to who could be their secret Santa in the form of clues and puzzles and finally got to meet and greet their secret Santa on the occasion.

Transitioning to team dynamics, we dove into a riveting team story-building game. Everyone delved right in, and we got to witness some hilarious and eccentric storytelling.

Last but certainly not least, to top off the celebrations, we all gathered to cut the Christmas cake followed by a party. The night ended as the folks gathered to reflect on the fruitful year that has gone by and to set in hopes and aspirations for the one to come next.

Here's to a season of warmth, a year of growth, and a New Year filled with endless possibilities!

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