Hari Prabhakaran moves to MedTrix Office in the US!

Exciting news! Hari Prabhakaran , VP - Business Development and Client Engagement at MedTrix Healthcare, has relocated to the #US and will be working from our Bridgewater office in #NJ. This is a big move bringing MedTrix closer to our clients and adding to our senior leadership in the US. Hari will be working closely with top Pharma leaders to understand their challenges, partner in achieving their healthcare goals, and contribute further to our growth journey. Congratulations, Hari, and best of luck!

Cool Fact: This move coincides with Hari’s 7th work anniversary at MedTrix! We wish him the best for his many more years ahead at MedTrix.

Here's what Hari had to say regarding this major update:

It has been an awesome journey so far, and it keeps getting even more exciting! As always, there is a team behind our success, and I too have many who have guided, supported, mentored and worked with me through these 7 years. I thank each and every one of you - colleagues and clients - who have helped me in my growth. Looking forward to many more years of successes with MedTrix!!!

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